Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

im always fascinated with balloons.  its just awesome how they can float around and reach for the sky. I still remember that when I was a child, whenever I attend a birthday party, i make sure I have a balloon. I love to tie it in my hands to make sure it will no fly. but most of the time, it just end up bursting. haha

and im really glad that I was able to attend the yearly festival of hot air balloons. it brought back the child in me when i look on those big balloons carrying humans across the sky. it also reminds me of the Disney movie, Up and the very cute Russell!

I really like to ride one that day but its kinda expensive. hmpf. 

it must feel like flying without wings. 

well, the next time i'll go back here, i'll make sure that i'll be riding a hot air balloon na!  

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