Puerto Galera

Last summer, we had our team building in the beautiful Puerto Galera. Its just a few hours away from Manila and everything is affordable there. Perfect for us who wanted to relax in a budget.

Unfortunately, there was a storm that day so I was somewhat hesitant if we will still continue the trip considering we need to ride a boat to get to the island. But since our contact in the place confirmed that its still safe to travel by water, we continued.

Well, it turned out that the boat ride is gonna be rough. I was actually praying the whole time because the waves are scary. I just pretended that I was sleeping. Haha. It took us forever to reach the island.  We landed to a different marina since the one near the resort is too dangerous to access because of the large waves. Anyway, we made it to the island alive. lol

The islands are so amazing. It was my first time to see such beautiful scene. I was really thankful that we continued our trip to this paradise. I just regret that I was not able to take a photo because I was afraid Vint might get wet. Next time, I make sure I have a photo of the islands.

This adventure trip is one of the best that I had last year. We did not only enjoyed the beach, we also explored the other tourist destination in Puerto Galera. Although we were not able to explore the other island because of the freaking waves, I still enjoyed the super amazing falls that we went to. Im really thankful that I was able to see such beauty. I feel blessed that my country have such beautiful places.

Here are the photos I took from this wonderful trip. Hope you enjoy!

White Beach, Puerto Galera

Buwis buhay ang alon. It was scary but its worth it!

The sunset is just so amazing.

The storm did not stop us from seeing the beauty of Puerto Galera.

My friend and his imaginary surfboard. haha
You can never have too many sunset shots. lol

The beach experience will not be completed without having a henna tattoo. haha

Tamaraw Falls

Medyo buwis buhay din ang daan dito. Bangin kaagad sa kabilang side.

Favorite game ng lahat pag may pool, pahabaan ng hininga. :)

Turukan Falls

You can ride this to get to the next fall. 
But since I'm against animal cruelty, I decided to just walk. char!

Wanna join?

The water is so clear and refreshing. 

May kaunting mountain climbing bago makita yung main fall.
Our tour guide told us that the greenish part is more than 10 feet deep. wow
Crystal clear.

Turukan Falls!!!
Other photos from my friends' fb. This time, Im included. :)

Pinapagalitan. Laboy daw kasi e. haha
Karir ito!
With my friend's parents where we stayed in our second night in Mindoro. Thank you so much again for the hospitality. :)

On  the way to Batangas pier.

We had our lunch at the Tamaraw Falls.
Ang mga prinsesa. :)
Partey- party!
The much awaited Mindoro Sling. 

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