Im  vain and a certified shutterbug that's why I love taking self portraits. Another reason is... I am a little self conscious when I'm the subject , so I'd rather take my own photos. :) But sometimes, I ask my sister to assist me like pressing the shutter  for me and then let myself make weird poses in front of the camera. Ha ha. Just like the photos I posted earlier. Although its a lot of fun to do, it is kind a hard and challenging because you will not see how you look in the camera. Its a matter of trial and error then perfection.  But by doing this, you can train yourself on how to instruct your subject when taking photos.

Anyway, Ive been browsing around flickr for some inspiration, and I found some really really awesome self portraits. Here are my top favorite photographers and some of their works.  And I am extremely curious on how they do these.

First on the list is my all time favorite Rosie Hardy. Here are my top 5 picks from her gallery.

This is happiness. :)

Looks familiar? Its actually the cover of Maroon 5's newest album, Hands all over. The album producers like her photo and decided to use it for the cover.

Next is Alex Stoddard. He is 17 and his images are so surreal. Amazing. He is doing a 365, you should check it out! Im sure you will be overwhelmed with inspiration. 

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